Trade-In Guidelines

Here at Books by Design, we love for you to trade in books that you’ve already read & get new-to-you books off of our shelves. It helps you save money, helps us restock our shelves, and it helps save the trees! I mean, does it get any better than that?

Here are some guidelines to help you better understand the trade-in process…

Ten used books and ten children’s books are allowed for trade-in per visit.
Please, no textbooks.

Store credit will be based on the age, condition, and popularity of the titles.
Books by Design reserves the right to refuse books if it so chooses.

Store credit may be used toward HALF of your next purchase.

The remaining balance must be paid in cash or check or card.

Residual store credit may be used at the next visit; however,
Books by Design will not be held responsible for lost or stolen credit documentation.

Books are sold as is. No refunds or exchanges.

Pretty simple, right? If you have more questions, just stop in the store or call Tiffany at 770.823.8763!


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