Crafting Under the Pressure

If you think Doodle & I are exaggerating when we say we’ve been busy…
This blog is for YOU!

Status of the Shop: Chaos by Means of MILLIONS of Trade-Ins!


Craft Project #1: Spring Flowers made out of Paint Chips for the Villa Rica Parks & Recreation Volunteer's Banquet. I made 14 flowers all together--pink, purple, yellow, orange, and blue!

The flowers and the table as a whole turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself--especially considering my $20 budget! =) Anddd... this creative little ditty of a table might just have landed me some design work. Wahoo!

Craft Project #2: Spring Reading Baskets for the elementary schools in the area! We delivered them to the media centers as a cheery gift from one book enthusiast to another!

Ms. Lane from Glanton-Hindsman was so kind to send us a picture of her Spring Reading Basket in use! Thank you!

All the while, Doodle is being my super cute, cuddly, crafty helper!

Craft Project #3: Spring Flowers. Enough said!


This can't hardly be considered a craft project even though I did tie the bow. Anyway. Books by Design is now carrying a sweet set of NEW Spring board books... think perfect for an Easter Basket! There are four in the set, only $5.00!

Be convinced! We’ve been unbelievably busy [in a good way]!
If you can, love us anyway. We’re trying hard to be good little business owners–Me & Doodle, that is. =)


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