Cute or Catchy? Costly or Cheap? This or That?

QUICK BLOG! There’s only enough time for a QUICK BLOG! Because I’ve wasted so much time this week trying to figure out a t-shirt design, it’s got to be a QUICK BLOG!

Okay. Book by Design’s Happy Half-Birthday was Monday! Thank you to all who either stopped by or sent well wishes via Facebook! It was a wonderful, cupcake-filled extravaganza! It was a great trial run for our real Happy Birthday that’s coming up in August–dude, it’s going to be Even Bigger. Even Better!

There was just one problem. Remember on the Happy Half-Birthday flyer it mentioned a “sneak peek” of sorts? No specifics, but it did promise a “sneak peek.” Well, I dropped the ball on that one. The plan was to showcase a couple of potential t-shirt designs, get some good feedback, and then get those goodies hot-off the press because everyone wants a Books by Design t-shirt, right? Right!

I just couldn’t for the life of me come up with anything cute or clever… and it’s wayyy to costly to have a printing company design something. I racked my brain all last week. Nothing. I chalked it as a loss for Happy Half-Birthday, but went right back to the drawing board Tuesday. I fussed and fiddled and finagled, and here’s what I came up with:

Option 1: Catchy & Cheap(ish)

Catchy & Cheap(ish)

I love, love, love that quote. I think it is so clever! I found it in a Jan Karon book [i.e. The Mitford series] and absolutely fell in love, but I digress. Let’s get to business… Pros: T-Shirts with a pocket are kick-butt. The bright green is consistent with the Books by Design business cards, and branding is important! It’s a white t-shirt, so it’s less expensive–aka cheap(ish) at about $10-$12 for the finished product. It’s more-or-less gender neutral. Cons: It’s a white t-shirt. It’s ever so slightly… boring.

Option 2: Cute & Costly

It’s Books by Design! It’s Books by Design [& Doodle] on a t-shirt! And it’s also a throwback to one of the greatest romantic comedies of all times–You’ve Got Mail. Pros: It’s cute! The t-shirt color is called Prairie Grass and that just sounds chic. Did I mention, it’s really, really cute? Cons: It’s leans toward the girlie aesthetic. It would only be printed on one side because the full-color print would be so costly. The finished product is more expensive at around $15 or $18. It’s potentially copyrighted because it’s from a movie, and I’m not exactly sure how that works? Sororities get to borrow cool pictures for their Date Night t-shirts, so why can’t Books by Design? Hm.

Anyway. QUICK! I need feedback. Cute or Catchy? Costly or Cheap? This or That?

Give it up for The QUICKEST Blog Ever. =)


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