FAMOUS in a Small Town [Blog]

Let me start by saying—Thank You for all the wonderful feedback from last week’s blog. I’m glad y’all enjoyed meeting Ms. Gertrude. No, Gertrude is absolutely not a real lady [and if she is, I wouldn’t admit it!], but her story was directly inspired by some happenings ‘round here at Books by Design. I guess I’ve been channeling my inner-Taylor Swift lately… mess with my baby Books by Design, and I’ll write a blog about you! BEWARE!

Haha. I tease.

Sort of.

Anyway. During the course of the feedback, someone pointed out that I have been apt to story-tell about my more… shall we say spirited customers, but I’ve neglected to applaud and appreciate some my stellar clientele.

Shame on me. I’ve always tried to be a glass-half full sort of girl, but I have indeed dropped the ball on this one. Therefore, an in effort to rectify my wrongs, let me introduce you to my Books by Design customers who are… FAMOUS IN A SMALL TOWN [Blog]… :::insert strobe lights, sound effects, and pyrotechnics, er… nevermind books and fire don’t mix. So let’s settle for…


First up: Zac & Vanessa [known to their close friends at Books by Design as Shannon & Christine].

THANKS to disneydreaming.com for letting me show their picture here! =)

Aren’t they the cutest couple? I think so, too.

Shannon & Christine have been customers at Books by Design since Grand Opening day. If I remember correctly, they were visiting Villa Rica to eat at Tin Roof Café and just happened to serendipitously beep-bop into the store after lunch. Though they weren’t FAMOUS at the time, I knew instantly that I liked Shannon & Christine. I appreciated that they took time to wonder around the store and really browse. Often times, people of a less famous variety will walk intoBooks by Design, ask for one particular book, and walk out if we don’t have it because that’s The Only Book they want. Well, Shannon & Christine are FAMOUS because they always take the time to look in the nooks, crannies, and corners of Books by Design, and I’d like to think they’ve left with some pretty rad finds for doing so.

In their next several visits, I learned that Shannon once worked at a bookstore, and it’s always nice to swap hilarious [horror] stories with him about customers, and yeah, well… customers. He tells a great one about “A Gertrude” who interrupts his conversation with another customer, demanding to know where she could find Southern Comforts by Danielle Steller. After her atrociously abrupt behavior, it turned out that she really wanted Finer Things by Danielle Steel. It’s like com’on lady—we’re bookstore employees, not mind readers. Anyway. He tells the story better than I do—promise.

I could brag on Shannon & Christine for being such FAMOUS customers for an entire blog, but I want to quit before I embarrass them (like I haven’t already with the picture of Zac & Vanessa—it’ll be a wonder if they ever visit Books by Design again… hm, perhaps I should have thought of that first, but I digress…). Just let me note that Christine is ever faithful to “Like” our Facebook updates; they seem to think we have good prices even without the trade-ins; and finally, they never need a bag—hey, it’s the little things that help a small business out because in case you didn’t knowTANSTAAFL. Like I said, they are oh-so FAMOUS for oh-so many reasons.

Thank you, Shannon & Christine!

Next, let me introduce you to Alexis [also known as Amelia to us folks at Books by Design].

from Gilmore Girls!!!

Amelia is by-and-far the sweetest customer to grace the Books by Design shop. She doesn’t bite if we don’t happen to have a particular book she’s looking for [do you see a trend with that?], she brings good children’s books to trade in—no poop!—and she gave me the idea to start trading magazines. [Did you know we trade magazine’s now? The Rundown: Within two years of publication, no major rips, and absolutely NO NUDIE PICTURES. We like titles like House Beautiful, Good Housekeeping, Rachael Ray, O, Popular Machanice, etc. You get ten cents in credit each, and we sell them for a quarter! But I digress again…] Amelia has really contributed to making Books by Design a better place, and for that, I am thankful. But here’s why she’s FAMOUS… Amelia tells her friends to visit Books by Design!!! Wahoo!!! How amazingly fantastic is that? Word-of-mouth advertising is so pertinent to a fledgling business, and I can tell you of at least four of five good customers Amelia has sent my way. Yeah. Amelia is FAMOUS at Books by Design in a very awesome way. [I’d also like to note that my favorite thing about Amelia is that she watches The Bachelor, but that’s irrelevant to Books by Design, so I’ll skip elaborating on that. You can thank me later.]

Thank you, Amelia!

Now introducing to you, Mr. Redford [but he let’s us at Books by Design call him Mr. Clark].

from The Horse Whisperer!!!

Easy to please customers like Mr. Clark often get forgotten, but I’m determined to not let that happen at Books by Design. Rarely, if ever does Mr. Clark have a particular book he’s looking for—nope, those lists just aren’t for him. He just wants to come in and browse.

Now, know this. Mr. Clark like westerns. Any kind of westerns. Romantic westerns. Louis L’Amour westerns. Christian fiction westerns. Charles G. West westerns. If it has a cowboy on the cover, it’s a good western. He doesn’t want to browse anything that’s not a western, but if you’ll just point him, er… west, he’s sure to find something he’s willing to take a chance on. You gotta love that because that’s why Books by Design exists! We’re a cheap enough read that you can try something new.

You’ve heard that story before [and you’ll probably keep hearing it until all of Villa Rica gets the moral, YIKES!], so obviously that’s not why Mr. Clark is FAMOUS! Mr. Clark gets his star status because he doesn’t try to take advantage ofBooks by Design. Mr. Clark recently lost his trade-in slip—you  know, the one that shows your credit. Well, Mr. Clark has been such a faithful customer, so I was going to issue him a fresh slip because I did remember that he recently brought books to trade in, and I didn’t want him to feel cheated. But, no. Mr. Clark didn’t want new credit. He said he knew the Trade-In Guidelines said he was solely responsible for his credit, and he would look for it at home. Otherwise, he just wanted to pay for his books outright today. Wow. That’s being a cool cowboy, I mean customer if you ask me.

Thank you, Mr. Clark!

I have so many other FAMOUS customers including Gertrude’s Antithesis and several sweet little girls that definitely deserve their turn in the spotlight, but that’s all I have time for today. I would like to say, please do not be hurt/offended/disappointed if you weren’t FAMOUS in a Small Town [Blog] today. Get excited–or be scared–you’re time is probably coming soon!

I mean, you’d much rather be FAMOUS than A Gertrude, right? =)

Quick Official Books by Design News Brief: We’ve been having lots of trade-ins lately—have you checked out our What’s New page? It’s this new thing I’m trying—listing some of the bigger trade-ins, so you’ll know what’s fresh. Anyway, trade-ins and THE HAPPY HALF-BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION [see flyer below] have been keeping me busy, busy. Hope to see all y’all drop in sometime on Monday, February 7, 2011. We’re having cupcakes [and an alternative, slightly healthier treat], door prizes, a 25% discount coupon for all coffee table books, $2.00 overstock books, and a sneak peek of the new Books by Design t-shirt!!! We hope to see you all there! =)

[P.s. In case you were wondering, the pictured celebrities chosen to represent Books by Design’s FAMOUS customers were based on one important factor… hair color. =D]


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