Books by Design–Business Lesson Number Two

It’s that time again—an attempt to share with my loyal readers another nugget of knowledge from my Books by Design journey.

…. drum roll, please…

The Books by Design Business Lesson Number Two is called, “Everything in the Store is For Sale.”

As most of my loyal readers know, I furnished the Books by Design shop on a shoe-string budget… searching yard sales and consignment stores, somehow attempting to hodge-podge the pieces together. I am attached to each piece individually, and I love them all collectively. With that said, everything that isn’t directly attached to the walls, (pretty much everything except the bookcases themselves) is for sale. I’ll sell the quaint little two-seater table in the front window. I’ll sell the mirror on the wall. I’ll sell the lamps, the curtains, the baskets, the clocks, the books, and the coat rack. You name it, and it’s for sale. Sure, I might make up the price on the spot. I might even overprice it just a little bit because I don’t really want to sell it. But yeah, if you’re willing to pay for it… I’ll sell it.

In my mind, this is an incredibly important lesson that many stores and businesses have seemed to… forego, for lack of a better word. In the past three months, I have attempted to buy a step stool, a kiddie shopping cart (from a consignment shop, mind you—not even a “big business” store! And they had multiple carts! I won’t have been taking the one and only kiddie shopping cart! I only wanted one of their EIGHT!), and extra ad space, and I’ve been turned down.

“No,” they said. “We don’t want your money.”


“You won’t even consider selling it and taking my money? Pretty, please?” said Tiffany.

“No,” they said.

Heartbroken, frustrated, and slightly bitter, I left time and time and time again with my wallet full… er, sort of full.

Because of these experiences, I have made it a Books by Design motto to sell anything if the price is right. Books by Design is here to serve its customers, meet their needs, and ultimately make money so we can stay in business and meet the customer’s needs time and time again.

With that said, TA-DA! I’ve been busy practicing what I’m preaching, and I recently sold two of my decorative pieces. The awesome orange chair and my favorite lime green coat rack are no longer in the Books by Design shop. They now have nice, new homes, and I couldn’t be more pleased! Sure, I miss having a comfy chair right now, and the front window setting definitely needs a pop of color. BUT I am very pleased that customers saw something that tickled their fancy!

Bye, bye Awesome Orange Chair. We miss you, but hope you are happy at your new home! This little white chair isn't quite cutting it as a replacement either, so we're looking for a rocking chair!

Heck, if I had gotten that kiddie shopping cart, it would (probably) be for sale, too.

That’s right, ladies & gentlemen—Books by Design is here to please. =)

– – –

In other news, I wanted to include pictures of September’s Local Authors Spotlight!

Books by Design is so pleased to spotlight our local authors! They have all been a joy to work with!

Mary Cunningham has been such a pleasure to get to know! I can't wait to read her tween adventure series--Cynthia's Attic! Side note: Don't y'all love my "spotlight" book lights?!

These mysteries are perfect to cozy up with during this wonderful, cooler weather!

These local author mysteries would be great to cozy up with during this wonderful Autumn weather!

The Belly Button Fairy. The Fart Fairy. Enough said. =)


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