Operation: Spread the Word

Stunning. Overwhelming. BUSY! Incredible. Amazing. BUSY! More than I could have ever hoped for. Fun. BUSY! Insane. Encouraging. BUSY! Stressful. Successful. BUSY! BUSY! BUSY!

Yeah… That’s about how the Books by Design Grand Opening went! After two and a half months of non-stop preparation, the Grand Opening day finally arrived this Saturday. If you were there, I want to extend a hearty THANK YOU for all of your generous love and support. If you weren’t able to make it, that’s okay! We’re open Monday through Thursday 9am to 7pm and Friday through Saturday 9am to 3pm; that means there’s still plenty of time for you to stop by and visit! I prefer to stay BUSY, BUSY, BUSY, so come on by. =)

Here are some highlights from the festivities:

On Friday, I was greeted with beautiful flowers from Becky, Lily, and Ted, some of my neighbors and fellow business people from around town. I’m still in the process of naming all my new plants. I already have a Franny, a Betty, and an Allie, but I digress…

When customers aren't in the shop, I sing “Stayin' alive. Stayin' alive!” to them in hopes of their cooperation and longevity.

I got up at 5:45 Saturday morning and got to the shop super early to set up the store. Here is the finished store front… complete with Shrimp plants, a welcome mat, Grand Opening banner [a very sweet donation from the Parrott family], and door prize table. To earn a door prize, we had trivia for guests to answer. The whole door prize endeavor ended up being fun and awkward all at the same time, and we gave away some pretty nifty items. Special thanks to Miss Meagan Kincaid for all her help with the door prizes!

Shout out to my hardworking Worker Bees!

Customers! Look there are finally customers in Books by Design! After weeks of meeting people at the door, handing out flyers and telling them, “Sorry, we’re not quite open yet,” we were able to invite people inside to see what we had been working so hard on! It was wonderful to see people pleased with the store and make purchases. Letting my babies, er… the books go was difficult, but rewarding at the same time.

I didn't get a picture of my very first customer, but this was toward the beginning of the day... right before all the craziness began!

WE HAD A RIBBON CUTTING! This was a totally awesome surprise that came through on Thursday night. I was shocked and honored that the City of Villa Rica and the Main Street District wanted to invited city council members, city employees, and even the mayor to the opening of my tiny little bookstore. They had be a bountiful, beautiful red ribbon to cut and the biggest pair of scissors I’ve ever seen in my life.

Look for our picture in The Villa Rican newspaper this Thursday, August 12, 2010!

We also had fantastic BBQ to serve our guest all thanks to Mr. Gary Parrott! His BBQ is sensational. I mean, truly melt in your mouth!

What makes a better day than books & BBQ?!

The only rough part of the day was dealing with all those crazy trade-in calculations. I LOVE the idea of trading in books, and more than that, I LOVE that Books by Design is helping the people of Villa Rica be more sustainable and reuse perfectly good books and paper—save the trees! But I’m still getting comfortable with the calculations and tax codes and all of the other numerical mumbo-jumbo, but yeah… I’m lovin’ handling all those books!

Look at the intense concentration on my face as I calculate that sales tax. Go Tiffany, Go!

And that is the story of the Books by Design Grand Opening! As said, it was a truly remarkable day on all accounts. No catastrophes, happy customers, and fun times with both old and new friends!

Now. It’s time for a new challenge… Operation: Spread the Word! More advertising for Books by Design!!! I have to keep reminding myself that Grand Opening was a one day event, but Books by Design hopes to be around for many, MANY more days. If that’s going to happen though, we’ve all got to spread the word! Everyone has been so amazing at making a buzz about Grand Opening, and now please, please, please let everyone know if you enjoyed your shopping experience! Email me if you can pass out flyers… tiffanyrward@gmail.com or booksbydesign.mail@gmail.com! Let me know if you need business cards, and I’ll get them to you as soon as possible! Join our BRAND NEW FACEBOOK PAGE!!! Send out a link to the blog in a mass email to your address book! Tell your best friend, your mom, your grocery store cashier, and the gentleman you pull up beside at the red light! And tell all the children! Books by Design really loves to see kids reading, so bring ’em in!

We’re here. We’re open. We’re ready to help you in any way we can. All you have to do is stop in the shop. =)


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