Vignettes from Books by Design

It’s almost here! It’s almost here! It’s almost here!

The GRAND OPENING of Books by Design is only FOUR DAYS AWAY!

I can’t wait to see each and everyone of you at 113 South Candler Street sometime between 9am and 3pm on Saturday, August 7, 2010! Please remember to bring in up to TEN books and TEN children’s books, so we can give you store credit toward your next purchase! Refreshments will be served throughout the day. While supplies last, we’ll have muffins for the morning customers, BBQ sandwiches for our lunch time guests, and cookies & brownies for those who come in between meals! We’ll also have book-based trivia twice an hour for a chance to win some really fantastic door prizes!

I’m just a little bit excited. Can you tell?

Because of the GRAND OPENING I don’t have a lot of time to ramble around about my adventures in Books by Design from the last week, but I did want to leave you with a couple of trade-in guidelines, just in case you and your friends are wondering how this whole trade-in thing is going to go down. Here it goes:

1.) Bring in up to ten (10) used book and ten (10) used children’s books. No textbooks, please.

2.) Store credit will be issued based on the age, condition, and popularity of the titles. Please note: Books by Design reserves the right to refuse books if it so chooses.

3.) Store credit may be used toward HALF of your next purchase.

4.) The remaining balance must be paid in cash or check. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience, but credit and debit cards cannot be accepted at this time.

5.) Residual store credit may used at the next visit; however, Books by Design will not be held responsible for lost or stolen store credit documentation.

Five easy guidelines, right? Five easy guidelines that are designed to give you more credit for your books than you’d get at a yard sale and charge you a lot less for “new to you” books than those chain bookstores!

Alright. I’m making a mad dash for the finish (or is it the beginning?) line on Saturday, so I’ve got to go. I’m speaking at the BLT Book Club meeting today! But I wanted to leave y’all with a few final progress pictures…

Books by Design is located on the little side street that runs beside Sports Cafe in Downtown Villa Rica. Here’s a shot of the store front!… and I think we’re going to have a GRAND OPENING banner, too!

Lovin' my new window sign and mailbox, too!

Meet Frannie! She will greet you at the door when you come in. =)


I don't exactly know where the name Frannie came from. Maybe I'm working too late and watching too much of The Nanny.

I love adding books to the Books by Design collection! I love adding books to the collection so much, I’m a tiny bit worried that I might be depressed when they’re (hopefully!) gone on Saturday… but I’m sure I’ll get over it quickly when I get to sort all the books from trade-ins!

One of my best finds yet--The Love Comes Softly Series by Janette Oke

Have I mentioned that Books by Design will have audio books? I never thought I would enjoy audio books, but I do. It’s quite relaxing and actually a little less distracting to work to than music because I’m not tempted to sing along.

I really love the lime green audio book shelf!

Is it goofy that I’m really into keeping up with bestseller lists? I like to know what people are reading, even though a lot of times I’m not into the same titles. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m a sucker for countdowns, too. Give me a Top Ten anything, and I’m a happy girl. But I digress. I’m really happy with my front desk area. I found the cork board at a yard sale for fifty cents (that’s where the bestseller lists will go!), and the dry erase board (which will list titles that Books by Design is giving extra credit for) has been mine since about third grade. Gotta love something as vintage as third grade!

The one thing I just can't seem to get clean... the front desk.

One last time: GRAND OPENING! AUGUST 7! 9am to 3pm! MUFFINS for breakfast! BBQ for lunch! COOKIES and BROWNIES throughout the day! Bring in up to ten used books and ten children’s book for STORE CREDIT! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Email me at if you need a flyer! Can’t wait to see you all there!!!



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