Can you count to 8,000?

Have I mentioned lately that I recently bought 8,000 books? I have to keep reminding myself of this practically unfathomable truth, or I tend to forget. But here they are…

... 7997, 7998, 7999, 8000!

… in all their glory. But wait–the books shouldn’t get all the attention. Please notice the pink lawn chair, the fan, and the bottle of water to which I owe many thanks. Without them, all the sorting would not have been possible!

I keep referring to the books as a lot of 8,000, but in truth the lady that I bought them from said that was a conservative estimate. It felt like I handled, sorted, and cleaned 8,000,000 but that doesn’t quite seem accurate either. The exact number doesn’t really matter much anyway. I’ll just leave it at we have a very large variety of fiction and non-fiction books covering a range of topics, and I’m adding to the inventory at least weekly. =)

For this post, I mainly just wanted to show off a few of my favorite pieces and hopefully, peak your interest a little bit!

Confession: Although I consider myself an avid reader, on the regular romance novels aren’t really my thing. Too much. Too much everything. And I generally don’t like the cover art either. When I was sorting, I actually saved all the romance novels to sort at the end. It was just such a task because there are so many different varieties–there are historical romance novels, contemporary romance novels, romance novels that belong to a series, suspenseful romance novels, paranormal romance novels, inspirational romance novels… just so much to deal with. In my sorting though, I came across these lovely vintage Harlequin books. I didn’t venture to read of them (I had to continuously chant, “I will not get distracted by the merchandise. I will NOT get distracted by the merchandise!”), but I really loved their beautiful cover art in those vibrant colors that are so reminiscent of the 60s and 70s.

vintage = chic = very cute in a used book boutique

I love the children’s book collection, and I had such a fun time sorting them. It brought a smile to my face finding books I remember reading as a child, like Sweet Valley High–remember those?! I love some of the newer children’s books, too–I am such a fan of that little mouse and her purple, plastic purse! What’s her name–Lily, maybe? Anyway. I hope to continue to grow my children’s book collection continually… especially with the addition of Cheese, Peas, and Chocolate Pudding! Does anyone remember that story about the little boy who doesn’t eat anything but cheese for breakfast, peas for lunch, and cheese, peas, and chocolate pudding for dinner? It was my very favorite story growing up–even more than the Grumpy Kangaroo, which says a lot because I LOVED the Grumpy Kangaroo! But I digress. My super sweet elementary school librarian, Mrs. Whitten, introduced me to Cheese, Peas, and Chocolate Pudding (and Junie B. Jones and Dr. Seuss and, and…), and I’ve been searching for a copy of my own ever since! So be on the search–if you bring me in a copy of Cheese, Peas, and Chocolate Pudding, you’ll get a nice little bonus on your book trade-in! =)

I love the children's books!

Children's books are my favorite!

Have I mentioned lately that we have a variety of books? I actually came home with a nice little collection of music books… are they called music books? Sheet music? Whatever. I hadn’t even thought about music books, let alone expected to have them in the store, but I thought that was a pretty cool addition when I found them in the pile!

Music to my ears!

P.s. If you look closely in the top center of the picture, you’ll see the weirdest book in the lot. It was a horse (or cow or donkey or llama) hide book written in Spanish. Strange to say the least!

Finally, my collection wouldn’t be complete without favorites like Gone with the Wind and titles from L.M. Montgomery, the wonderful author of the Anne of Green Gables series. In addition, we have some really awesome, almost antique copies of Shakespeare plays. A definite must see!

And the collection is complete...

Oh, oh! One more… Just one more. Here’s my favorite find of the whole lot. It’s a really awesome book about the history of flight. It’s an interesting read, and more importantly, the pictures and illustrations are breath-taking!

Winner: Most Beautiful Book!

Of course, we have other more mainstream books… lots of John Grisham, Danielle Steel, Jodi Picoult, Tom Clancy, Anita Shreve, Steven King, Nora Roberts, Dean Koontz, and too many more to name. After we open, if you have any questions about what’s currently in stock, please feel free to call! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. And remember, the inventory will be constantly changing as people bring books in for trade… if you don’t find what you’re looking for one visit, you might find it the next! =)

P.s. Get excited… a book review coming soon!


One thought on “Can you count to 8,000?

  1. Tiffany, seriously awesome. I can not wait to come look through your music books so organize those well! Let me know if you need any help or any additional books (I have some I need to get rid of!)!

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